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What is the Republic of Europe? Why did this idea inspire the One Europe campaign and the EuReCa project?

The main reflections on the new proposed model are developed in the book-manifesto La Repubblica d’EuropaThe Republic of Europe, written by the Italian collective of authors ISAGOR, but there are also other useful books to deepen the proposal.

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REPUBLIC of EUROPE - Beyond the Nation-States (2021) - English version

A book-manifesto to affirm the need to rethink the future of Europe. This is the English version of the book written by the Italian collective of authors ISAGOR and translated for the project EuReCa


Republic of Europe - Beyond the Nation-States (2019) – Italian Version

This book-manifesto has been written by the Italian collective of authors ISAGOR. 
The authors affirm we need to rethink in a radical way the shape of Europe. They wish for the birth of a Republic of Europe that may constitute a new political, economical, cultural and strategic reality, overcoming National States.
To define the proposal of the Republic of Europe, the authors chose to analyze the key knots of work, school, information, security, solidarity and economy.

Ulrike Guerot

Why Europe must become a republic! (2017)

This text is a utopian experiment. ‘Res publica’ means common good – this is what is most lacking in the EU today. From Aristotle to Kant, the idea of the republic is the normal constitutional principle for political communities. Let us apply it to Europe. Let us rebuild Europe so that the history of nationalism does not repeat itself. So that Europe does not perish in the world of tomorrow, but becomes the avant-garde on the way to a world citizens’ union.

Ulrike Guerot

Nothing will stay the same? (2020)

In times of crisis, extraordinary measures are ordered. The state functions and guides us through – everywhere in Europe society is moving closer together, solidarity is the order of the day, but the EU seems incapable of acting, the damage to society and the economy is enormous. The question is: What comes next? Will there be a “back to normal”, to the single market, to open borders? What will happen to the great peace project of Europe? And what will we remember? The fact that we helped each other or that we let each other down?

Ulrike Guerot

How do you feel about Europe? (2019)

In “How do you feel about Europe?” Ulrike Guérot examines the development of the EU in the thirty years between 1989 and 2019. How or why has Europe, also under German influence,
increasingly turned away from its goal of an ‘ever closer union’?
What still holds this continent together at its core, in an age where the former German paradigm, namely that German and European unification belong together, clearly no longer applies?