We need a new narrative to reinforce the European Union and challenge euroscepticism, involving its citizens, especially the youngsters, in the process of realization. We are inspired by the idea of the “European Republic” based on public space, equality of rights among Eu-citizens, and the urgency of a new Constitutional Phase of the European Parliament that will represent the values and hopes of Eu-citizens.

In these dark times, the idea of the Republic of Europe, exactly like the “eureka”, could be the proposal that we are looking for to reinforce the interest of European citizens in the future of the European Union.


Our idea is to create a network of “European Republican Cafés” within European countries.

Cafés will be places where European citizens can regularly and informally meet, embody the European feeling and debate on the future of Europe. In these cafés debates will be organized on the proposal of the European Republic to collect ideas and values for a new European Constitution and implement proposals for new policies. The meetings in the Cafés will also be an occasion to update citizens on the results of the Conference on the Future of Europe.


1st step (July 2021)
Launch of the project in Ventotene during the third edition of the “Natalonga”, the swim from Santo Stefano to Ventotene, to symbolize the importance of efforts and courage to promote European values

2nd step (September 2021 – April 2022)
Meeting and debates in the European Republic Cafés to collect citizens’ opinions about the future of Europe, the idea of the Republic of Europe and the process of the COFE

3rd step (May 2022)
Meeting in Brussels with delegates from the participating countries to create a synthesis of the reflections emerged in all the European Republic Cafés to be presented at the European Institutions.

4th step (May 2021 – November 2021)
Promotion of the reflections emerged to involve a wider number of citizens at both national and local levels. The instruments for this campaign will be: the book “The Republic of Europe”, a final document, the web platform, and a video documentary of the project.


The project is promoted within the programme “EUROPE FOR CITIZENS – Democratic engagement and civic participation” by the following NGOs: