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We are concerned about the distance to the European institutions perceived by the citizens, as if the EU could not affect their daily life and address their problems, from the labour market to social protection, from the quality of the environment to the claim of justice.

We believe that this impression is sometimes caused by the inadequate functioning of the European institutions themselves. For example, important reform attempts have been blocked by the European Council and the EU does not always have a clear and common voice in foreign policy.

This situation has already created the ground for the new nationalist wave, and we cannot stand the idea of being powerless facing such a situation.

For this reason, we demand the European Parliament to express a position about the need to open a new constitutional phase giving the Parliament and the European citizens a central role. We hope for the transformation of the European Union into the Republic of Europe: a federal and democratic Republic, able to guarantee equal rights and duties to all citizens and to hear citizens’ voice.

We believe the time is now opportune also due to the imminent opening of the Conference on the Future of the European Union, which will also focus on the institutional set-up. We request to the Parliament to take a position on this proposal with a resolution.